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March 19, 2007


Jeff Manzella

My late Uncle, John Margotta, or "Johnny Mars" was in the Victorians. He played sax and sang some of the songs. Mike Esther was the lead singer and had a beautiful voice. Donnie was the guitar player. They did appear on Ed Sullivan in the late 1960's and sang live -- youtube used to have it. Sullivan was impressed as most acts lip synched even back then, but the Victorians wanted to do it live. The were the act a Liza Minnelli's 40th birthday party as well. They had a top 40 song with Hoops da lo lo, which was big when the hula hoop craze started. I too have a copy of "The Victorians Do their Thing" it is terrific and the last thing I have from them. Hope this helps.


Enjoyed reading this article. Love the song. Frankie's voice always so obvious. We all miss Nick Massi one way or the other. I was wondering why we don't here more about the Season's that tour today with Frankie Valli. It's seems like they or excluded from a lot of the dicussion groupes. Why is this?

Pete Recine

Hi, Just got through reading the article about the Victorians. I am a record collector and I recently picked up an LP by The Victorians titled "The Victorians Do Their Thing". There is no particular label mentioned but the back cover reads "Produced by The Victorians Inc." . Also, "Recorded in Stereo at Vantone Studios, Orange N.J. I understand The Four Seasons have a Vantone connection.
The liner notes also state that The Victorians appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.
The group is pictured on the front and back covers with their names under each picture.
I'd like to know more about this group. Any info you could provide would be great. Pete

Leonardo Flores

Fantastic article! It's odd that the Victorians record was issued on Reprise as not too many Crewe/Calello/Gaudio records were released on that label other than Linzer and Randells Soupy sales output.

Great Record! Thanks Leonardo

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