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May 05, 2007


Casey Chameleon

Well....we have provided a link to the cartoon image authors site.....and yes we believe the Springfield Remix was an inspiration for the Pilooski RE-EDIT.

Whichever mix anyone prefers is up to them. We love the song and the mixes. But EVERYONE hates the video. Produced by someone with no appreciation for the moody feel within the track or the context of its lyric. Quite appalling.


Tom K

By the way, have you heard Beggin' is actually being re-released in the UK as a single? It's remixed by a French DJ called Pilooski and I hope i'm not opening a can of worms here, but it's not dissimilar to the Springfield UK remix...

Hazy Dave

In a discussion of copyrights, it would be good form to to at least link to the site of the creator of the graphic image, Randall Munroe:


(I assume this is spreading all over the nets, and he didn't include his URL in the cartoon, so it's no big thing, but I see he is taking pre-orders for a poster version for those who aren't pirating the graphics all by themselves.)

Ray Ricci

I don't think we should expect anything different in the mixes of the 76 tracks vs what we already have. In one of your other posts you featured an engineer(George) who claims on the Spectropop site that the quality of what Rhino releases is sub to what he remembers as originally recorded. I would at least like to hear what he heard. Calello also claimed that they had to change studios during the Phillips era because of high distortion in the final mixes.

If only they had the facilities of Abbey Road and British electronics....that would make me a happy man!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have these tracks converted to 5.1?

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