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February 14, 2008


Ken Charmer

Visit Jean's web site Tony at www.jeanthomas.info or write me and I'll put you in touch with her. She would love to hear from you.

Tony Passalacqua

I guess i'm a bit late coming to the party, judging by the dates of the posts. I just found this website. It's good finding things that I have done in the past, in a form that brings back good old memories. Why not post what Jean has been doing since those days? Hopefully she is enjoying life today , on a par with yesterday.


What a great site! I came across this as I was thinking about the loss of Ellie Greenwich today. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that Ellie and you were involved with some of Tony Passalaqua's songs. Tony should have been a big star, but at least he's still singing with the Legends of Doo Wop, and this is part of his great gift to us fans. I knew Tony had worked with Jeff, but this entry was new news to me. Thanks for making my day and giving me some great sounds and good thoughts to counter the bad news on this sad day. Keep the writings coming.


Our work with Jean Thomas includes writing her bio which we are doing at present. In the New Year we will update the web site with more info (www.jeanthomas.info) and the story of how the Rag Dolls sessions came about. But one thing that is not correct is that the Rag Dolls included Tracey Dey or as someone suggested Diane Renay. Read John Clemente's 'Girl Groups' for an outline story and read Jean's full story next year via this blog.

We featured Kingsleys Book in our current Newsletter (Nr 52) so see our blog preview of this on 14th Oct 2008 including Jean's comments.

Ken Charmer

Alan Brett

Great stuff!!!! - just picked up on JT even though I've been a Crewe/ Gaudio/ Calello/ Spector fan for absolute yonks (I'm nearly 60...) over here in lil' ol' England... Here's a Q for U - my Billboard book says a girl called Tracey Dey "was the actual voice on The Rag Doll recordings" - how does this fit with JT's recording diary..? Just heard "Dusty"/ "Out in the Sun"/ "Little girl tears" all for the first time tonight, courtesy of a dear friend of mine - Kingsley Abbott. Wonderful!! He has recently written a book on great 60's singles which he feels are "lost gems" and names both Rag Dolls US hits and the wonderful Beach Nuts "Out in the sun" as classic examples (understandably the book was written primarily for the UK market). http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lost-Gems-Sixties-Kingsley-Abbott/dp/1905959079
LOL, AB xx

rob pingel

This is just so great! Thank you for sharing all this wonderful material. Words cannot adequately express how much I appreciate what you do.

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