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February 02, 2008


Casey Chameleon

This argument misses the point of my article. I'm not saying that people should not be paid for their work. The 40 year old records that we want to see released have been paid for. If you do a piece of work you get paid ........artists and publishers get paid every time it is played or included on a CD as well as for creating it. I was a project manager for construction projects and worked to get an MBA to be as good at my job as I could be. Does that mean I should get a portion of everyones rent or payment everytime the building is used. Artists and publishers complain too easily when they have been in a priviledged position for decades.I work for free now because I have a pension which I saved for for 30 years. I believe in a subscription service for music just like I pay for my TV services. The greed of the industry is being exposed as artists of NEW music take control and get paid for their concerts and give much of their music for free. (eg PRINCE et al). Artist, publishers and record company's should stop being attached to the old work/pay models. The key is that 'change' will continue and a new model will emerge.
And then there is the difficulty of licensing tracks for CD and getting them out. Our work is devoted to finding and preserving the music lost in time because the publishers and record companies can't make money by releasing it. If only a few hundred or 1000 people will buy it, just let it die.

How many times have record Company's repackaged hits again and again to squeeze more money out of fans including 1 or 2 unreleased so we all had to buy it. 'What you reap' comes to mind.


Jerry Hnatko

Everyone seems to want a FREE RIDE. I guess it will start with taking free music and then lets hope it will start to trickle down to everyone else, then soon no one should be paid for going to work in what ever trade they are in. (GEE DO YOU THINK THE FREE BEE LOVERS WOULD COMPLAIN ABOUT NOT GETTING PAID ??) my suggestion above is not only stupid, but it should never be permitted to happen..

There are more people involved in the music industry then the common thief realizes. It's not only the recording artist that comes out a looser. What about the people who wrote the words and music? It's not always the performer who writes and creates the song. Then there's a long list like publisher, recording studio, the CD pressing plant, record company, etc and others to numerous to mention. When a song is purchase all that money you just spent doesn't all go to the artist or group, but your purchase pays a lot more contributors in creating that CD. I guess the public thinks they all do this for fun and not to earn a living at their trade. All these professionals would be lost without this income and so would the music business, gone forever so what now would this not for money music lovers do? (GO OUTSIDE AT NIGHT AND HOWL AT THE MOON FOR ENTERTAINMENT?)He or she is probability doing that now anyway. For a start it takes big bucks to go into a recording studio with the hopes that what you are recording will pay you back for your time and effort with future income and not with the outlook of investing so the public can take it for FREE. Maybe from now on every concert and performance should be free for these jerks too. Hell why not include free movies, food, cars and vacations along with whatever these people want for nothing. If all this becomes free to STEAL then maybe this thing called music that everyone craves will soon come to an END. I own a record company and a publishing company be assured that I would not invest another red cent in producing any new music without the hopes of recovering some profit from it. Maybe the solution is a music boycott. Not from the greedy public but from the entire music industry. Imagine no more new music for the greedy public to steal.

Now lets see.. I doubt if anyone working a job wuld object to this idea...
You go to work every day at your job and was told -- ON PAY DAY -- Money for working your job?? You must be joking!!! Don't you get it you've been working for FREE so please don't expect a pay check at the end of the week. OH, as a reminder... Don't forget your taxes are due. Good luck finding the money to pay them, but then again the goverment will let you slide. A great dream HUH?? or NIGHT MARE!!!

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