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June 17, 2009


Don Mull Sr

This sounded so much like their old sound , They should of never tried to change the sound that brought them to the top. Please find more LOST ones . If there is this what else is there out there !!! Don

David Chan

frankie valli is a hard working artist. i felt that he & the 4 seasons were under rated. it looks like motown did not promote the group at all. i was very disapointed that valli & the group were not included in the 50th anniversary of motown CD sales display. i'm sure that motown someday will release those 40+ songs. in the meantime all you valli fans, ENJOY.

Gary New

I Wonder Why is superb. What a shame that we can't get the other 50 lost recordings. In the mid-seventies I attended a concert at Painters Mill Theatre in Owings Mills Maryland and for about an hour before the show many Four Seasons songs were played that I hadn't heard before or since. They were great and must have been the lost songs. I once heard that the Seasons produced an album called Natural Day which Motown would not release.

USA Four Seasons Fan

I wonder if this story was one inspiration of later Four Seasons member Jerry Corbetta's song with Sugarloaf "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You". Who knows what they did with the master. Did she think the song sounded too much like Frankie, Bob, and Tommy?

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