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September 15, 2009


Casey Chameleon

Fair point Ray. But the fact is the 1962 recordings are 'dated'. In the main, Bob Gaudio admitted that they didn't have enough new songs to get hits consistently after the first 3 Nr 1's. And if the masters are lost then re-mixing...as has been done with the Beatles sets from master tapes...is not going to achieve much. Maybe we will be able to re-master from vinyl at 24bit96khz.
But Bob and Frankie don't appear to care. Jersey Boys Cast CD is now the new sound!! Sad though!

Ray Ricci

While there are plenty of us who seek the best sound quality possible from the Four Seasons catalog, there are also many new fans who question the dated sound quality of these hits (common thread throughout reviews on Amazon).

The founders should be concerned about this.

Something must be done!!!

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