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December 02, 2009


Ray Ricci

I'm not sure that it has peaked just yet.

There are still a dozen US cities left to tour in 2010. Broadway showed strong attendance over the Thanksgiving period (typical)
I can't speak for the UK or Australia.

I did hear in a recent Valli interview that they were looking
into other European venues and also mentioned that a movie was to be several years away. I'm sure there were some shrewed marketing reasons for his comments.

The money that these guys are realizing can't be overlooked. Their ship has come in and, of course, they will do anything to keep this buzz going at the expense of any of our other wants.

I remember when the play caught on in LaJolla I thought "Hurry up and release a DVD before this thing sizzles". (Let alone making it to Broadway and beyond for almost 5 years.)

My regrets are that we probably won't ever get to hear the Mowtown tracks nor will we see Valli enter the top 100 singles ever again.

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