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January 21, 2011


Ken Charmer

Priceless is the word...but the fact is Bob Gaudio doesn't care that these tracks are suppressed. He appears to be happy to allow these to lie in the vaults until his demise. Of course he isn't on these and has nothing to gain from their release personally. That is what people who have worked with him have said. Is'nt that sad ?

Ray Ricci

What's better than to hear the original Four Seasons harmonize
during the bridge? (I believe Nick was at these sessions)

Hearing these takes almost 40 years later is priceless.


Ken Charmer

It is clear from the comments to date and what we have heard so far that there are real music gems in the vaults and MU should come clean and say why these can't be researched, re-mastered and released. No excuses..the facts. If Gaudio is blocking them then tell us. If no-one can afford to licence them well why such high charges. Your one and only chance to cash in on these is coming up over the next year or so. We are not going to stop chasing for these now are we?

Al Pucino

Wow! Loved this version of Hickory. Thanks so much!!

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