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February 04, 2011


Casey Chameleon

We have learnt to not believe the stories that unreleased tracks don't exist. We believe that the pre 1968 multi-tracks are lost and only 2 track stereo masters remain. The post 1968 masters may be intact(As tracks from this period like "Lay Me Down" extended version have appeared on CD) and the vaults contain 'One Man', 'Give A Damn' and others as yet unheard.

Ray Ricci

I may have missed that article. Do I understand that there may be material from the Phillips years?
(64 - 70).

I thought it was all lost.


Casey Chameleon

Rumour has it that Bill Inglot is working on a rarities collection which hopefully will review and include the 10 or so tracks rumoured to be in the Philips masters acquired by The Four Seasons Partnership. We've asked for a message to be sent to Bob gaudio re our wish for the unreleased tracks to be issued. Casey

Steve White

Really enjoying this especially hearing these unreleased tracks for the first time.I really hope that the partnership can be persuaded to release these on c.d. also I would also like to know if anyone has any info on ureleased tracks from the phillips label,as i seem to recall an iterview many years ago in record collector where Bob Gaudio said that there were about an albums worth of unreleased tracks.Would like to know if thats true,or did i just dream it? Kind regards Steve.

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