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Joe Warren

As an ACCD Trans alumni, I bailed on the idea that cars were the solution when we had the first gas crunch. When not having a car becomes fashionable or impossible then change will happen, fossil powered cars ultimately will become weekend amusements like horses are now, the challenge is to be brave enough to stop drawing cars.


im an accd trans guy, went to the pre- and main-summit. in regards to joe's comment, i wish it were that easy to do. im having a hard enough time trying to convince instructors, and the reason why prospective students come to artcenter (or any other trans school for that matter) is to become a car designer.
I'd love to see change. i want it. but i think it lies more within the minds of the incoming students - this generation. it wouldn't hurt to have instructors to support the cause as well.

anyways, loved the summit. dean kamen, amory lovins, macready, wardle, RFK jr. just awesome stuff.

Robb Hunter

Really great summary Mark. It was great to meet you and Joe at the summit. Dan, Sturges, Dean Kamen, and Chris Bangle made some really good points that overlap in one vital area: the idea that services (public or private, mobility related or not) need to speak to people through their emotions. buses trains and planes, as well as brands have the potential to be avatars just as much as cars. I think that is the key as we move from a consumer-based society to a service based society.

Anywho, really inspiring stuff. cheers!



Glad to see Art Center taking a serious look into the future. Translating a car-less world into the study of automotive design is difficult, but I'd really like to see more alternatives and concepts from the students. And with a realistic approach please. For the love of God, no more concept pod vehicles with 3 wheels that get 90mpg! Nobody will drive it or build it! Think realistically damn it!

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