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Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson

You know I think you are largely right. But of course, as you pointed out, you will never see Ford, or any other of the big dragons actually try something like this out. The question then is, who will?

Looking at how successful internet companies go through their development process and draw conclusions from that and then try to apply that to the car industry is bound to fail. Most platform development efforts (Flickr, Facebook etc.) fail, despite having short turn-around development programmes and lots of willing participants who try out the new stuff. Imagine trying that with with a car company...

You have to find a "mass customization" segment of the car industry to apply this to. Dell and Apple have more or less managed to build hardware on demand from a list of items which people can use. Can you do this from a list of car parts? Could Tesla do a simple build to order production line? If not Tesla, who can? Maybe Toyota can wrap their head around this.

I would be happy to buy a decent battery powered car, customizations or no customizations. Not sure if an industry which has a lock on personal transportation actually can go through the type of upset that the telecoms, phone and software industry has gone through. The percieved benefit for the end user is not big enough I think.

Anyway, great article Joe!

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