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Yea it has reached a tipping point - I am a 4 year member that is hanging it up this year - it is cheaper now that insurance has come down and cars are cheaper than ever - we bought a used subaru and it will cost us half the price that zipcar cost us in the last 3 years... there goes their "model" - it's mostly college kids using the cars and they do all the things they are not supposed like smoking and cat hair all over the car or the trash they leave behind and NOW MORE THAN EVER I get into a car to find it on "E" - then I fill it up and the next time I use the same car it's empty again - thanks for the fun zipcar but our time has come to say goodbye...


Interesting summary. I just found about it and thought of registering. But, most of the time, I need car only to drive from point A to point B, which currently they don't allow :( . So I guess, it's of no use for me.

Charles Desmarais

This is definitely not a cheap service - costs considerably more than Alamo or Budget in New York City. And the cars - when you can get one - are always dirty, often with warning lights blazing on the dashboard. Customer service is terrible - when you get someone on the phone (and there is a CHARGE to speak to a live person) they will blame the computer system for mix-ups. They left us stranded 50 miles from home and said it was because the computer determined that midnight May 30 is the end of May - and the human on the line could not override the error!!


C'mon, it says right on the website...the only time they charge us 3.50 is when they make a reservation for us! It's not to talk to an agent. I hardly think it's their fault that you reserved the vehicle wrong.

I've had a fantastic time with zipcar.


Iv used zipcar a few times now in central london, the idea is good however the customer service is generally quite poor. The cars are always dirty, everytime you get to a car you have to report it, it will usually have a dent, will be dirty which you have to report - that takes up 5 minutes of your booking time If your late even by a few minutes there is a £35 fine, considering london Traffic its difficult to judge.


We were happy London-dwelling Streetcar members until the company was bought by Zipcar in the UK a few months ago. The experience went from great customer service and reasonable prices to a recorded TelePrompTer, a 3.50 charge for phone bookings, a useless app and jacked up prices all around making it cheaper to take a taxi. The most annoying thing is they bought out a really great, much loved service and turned it into a mess to the dismay of customers, many of whom, like ourselves, will not be renewing memberships. Lord knows what Zipcar were thinking, but their business model is really shooting themselves in the foot. RIP Streetcar, sort it out, Zipcar!


11/29/2011 I thought like many that this service would be an answer to my transportation issues. I was a customer for a year when I hit some financially difficult times, so I thought I would try the referral program to see if I could earn credits to be able to continue driving, I sent the websticker referral coupon code to all my acquaintances and asked if they could pass it on for me if they did not want to join.

I got enough credits to keep driving, then in October I got an e-mail saying I was misusing the referral program and they charged me for all the reservations I had used credits for.

So now I'm convinced they are complete scammers, they're still trying to make me pay for reservations I made using referral credits that I worked my ass off to get. I'm convinced they did this because they weren't making any money from me in the 2 months I spent driving on credits I earned.

My advice just buy a car, it's cheaper.

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