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Joseph Simpson

I was sent this comment on e-mail by Ralph Kalal, and wanted to share it here so that others could contribute to the discussion:

Your article is moronic. CAFE standards are not the means by which to improve fuel economy. That is best accomplished by the market.

Why is it that people like you always insist on forcing others to do what you want? Is it because you know that your ideas are unpopular? Is it because you know that there is no serious intellect behind them, only emotion? Or is it that you are really one of the new Puritans, the type that is worried that somewhere, someone is having fun?

I'm guessing all of the above.


While entertaining, mr. kalal's comment is in the same vein as every bit of writing i've ever read of his. Its the same pessimistic 'holier than thou' drivel that i hear and read on so many blogs.

First of all, I found the article to be extremely balanced. It's is obvious that he only read the first paragraph before passing judgment.

Now here's the rub. I like toyota, a lot. They have been innovating in the world of personal mobility for years, setting the bar for other car makers (take your pick: cost, service, efficiency, environmental..). To think that they would fight the CAFE standards indicates to me they prolly have pretty good thought behind it. Of course GM thought they were doing good by crushing all of the EV-1's...time will tell.

The truth is, we consumers can rationalize any purchase as a necessity. Cars are one of these rationalized necessities. As long as people stay emotional beings, we will keep finding reasons to have fun, feel safe, feel powerful, and spend money on automobiles.

The fact that i feel like i have to own a car to be able to get around drives me nuts. why can't we talk about that instead?

The fact that any blogger would comment about "always insist(ing) on forcing others to do what you want" i find hilarious. isn't that why you guys are bloggers and not journalists?



Mark Charmer

Thanks Robb!

Joseph Simpson

Here's what Toyota is planning on doing next apparently:


There is more than one petition right now that is asking Toyota and other car manufactures to stand behind higher fuel standards. Check out http://energybill2007.us to learn more about CAFE and RES provisions.

Tomorrow members of the Pew Campaign for Fuel Efficiency will be delivering "The Spooky Truth" to Members of Congress. Check out
http://smnr.us/thespookytruth/ to see what 'treats' Congress will receive for the Halloween holiday and what they have to say about CAFE and RES provisions.

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