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Anke van Lenteren

I visited St Pancras early December 07, fully prepared to be wowed. Now I know the station is not yet finished but ...

- coming from the underground exit, people have to carry their luggage up the stairs (there are lifts to the street level, but not to station forecourt). This is crazy: most people arriving here will be be travellers with luggage, getting on the Eurostar.

- the white pillars in the entrance look like an import from a cheap Hollywood movie. They look a little better in the station itself, but I think the overall impression of white painted pillars is quite tacky.

- I could not go into the shops, as there was no room to wheel a small suitcase around. This seems to be quite a design flaw!

- the shops themselves are unremarkable high street copies. I read somewhere that they want people to come and spend time here, regardless of whether they get on a train or not. Well ... they've got to try harder, the shops are tiny and unexciting.

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