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Ben Bakhshi

Great commentary as usual. As I remember you were one of the first, if not, then the first to do so in English, to break the news that Shai was starting this project. As Ofer said, this venture should create the largest blue ocean opportunity in the history of capitalism, read: create more jobs than any single venture ever in history.

Giddy up!


There are innumberable reasons why you would never build an EV the way that Agassi wants to, but even if such easily removable battery packs didexist, the scheme hwerre makes no econnomic sense to the driver. Adding all this overhead (charging stations, battery pack inventory, leasing costs) simply makes the batteries MORE expensive, not less. And the isea of having to stop every 200 miles or so on a trip for a battery pack replacement is absurd.
Worst of all, with the advent of plug-ins with 40, 50 and 60 miles of electric driving range and unlimited occasional ethanol range, there isn't even a need for this clumsy, monopolistic
battery service at all. Batteries are simply too expensive for all-electric cars - Agassi is simply trying to con the driving public into thinking that they aren't.
Dollars and cents proves he's a liar. And what happens to his scheme if fast charging batteries
come along? And, worst of all, there is no reason to want to drive an all-electric if plug-ins exist - they solve virtually all the problems that all-electrics would with respect to oil avoidance and emission reductions.

study the data

Before you start smearing other's ideas it is usually suggested you study something about the data.

The cost of a connection to the grid is required regardless of whether you need a plug-in hybrid or a full EV. Otherwise all your plug-ins become heavy cars with little engines than almost can.

The cost of an exchange station for batteries, when divided across many cars is so small, that the average cost for the grid is low.

As to the consumer - I still can't recall any plug-in vendor that is willing to give away a free plug-in hybrid for 6 years worth of your current gasoline price...

Mark Charmer

Thanks for fighting your corner, Shai. Do keep in touch. Cheers, Mark

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