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I really think that train and transit would be the future of cars...

Improving cars' energy consumption will have its limits: weigh of vehicles, engine optimization, etc. while there is so much to do in public transportation worldwide.

Let's take the London example and restrict access to city centers and finance huge and really efficient transit systems... cheap, for everyone!


the key part of your comment is "public" transporation. Autos theoretically offer people incredile personal freedom that just can't be touched by any public system relying on schedules. I say theoretically because they most often are hampered by congestion and stress in todays cities. The solution is twofold (actually many fold) and requires that people be offered another alternative (not traditional cars that are obviously impractical for urban use) to meet thisneed for personal mobilitywhile intigrating with public transt systems. Public systems are just part of he solution for changing the world.

Mark Charmer

Alas the Yaris with balloons photo has disappeared. Anyone got a good auto dealership with balloons pic for me?

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