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Joseph Kadin

To: Shea Agassi,
I was impressed with your approach toward reducing oil consumption and it's effect on greening. Your approach is somewhat similar to that which I
proposed to Al Gore for use in the USA. However it dealt with the
limits of battery design,cost,etc.
;the limited range between charges,the huge interstructure
required for support ( which can detract for it's acceptability. I modified the electric car design to double its range before charging. The cost is moderate; The use of fuel drastically cut.

I am a retired electrical engineer
who has been involved in some of the initial, missile,satelite,
ICBM defence programs with a number of patents with a serious interest reducing our oil dependency and global warming.

Please ley me knowq if you are interested.

Joe Kadin
([email protected]

Jake Hammerslag

The problem with Shai Agassi's system is that it takes HOURS to refuel the electric car (recharge the battery).

We have developed a patented system that acccomplishes refueling IN SECONDS!


By simply automatically EXCHANGING the discharged batteries with charged ones.

And having MULTIPLE smaller batteries in the car to be exhanged, exchanging only the depleted batteries AUTOMATICALLY at the Exchange Stations.

For an animated illustration of how the system works, contact

Jake Hammerslag
email: [email protected]
Unlimited Range Electric Car Systems (URECA)
Tel: 760-771-9289

Eddy De Clercq


As mentioned in this blog (http://www.grumpyoldman.be/car-friends-electric/), as such I find this a really interesting idea, but I have some (practical) reflections though.


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