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Nice post, really interesting comparison between auto and aero.

It doesn't surprise me at all that Qantas has chosen to differentiate from the competition by touting their A380s. And even though my flight to Australia was in economy, there were still plenty of small benefits - good food, design, entertainment, and service. Granted these aren't as amazing as showers, bars, or double beds, but they don't require as much investment either. I just appreciate that Qantas is showing their attention to detail at every level.

Joseph Simpson

Thanks for the comment Micheal, and very interested to here about your flight on the Qantas A380 - can't wait to try it out myself. I'm interested though - having experienced it, would you pay extra to go on the A380 over a 747? It sounds like you think the attention to detail makes it worthy of the differentiation, and therefore, potentially the extra cost...

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