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Well, regarding that 'trend' with big-name car designers seeking newer, greater challenges away from the established players - guess you could also add Stéphane Schwarz (Nissan - 2008), Anne Asensio (GM - 2007) or Ken Okuyama (Pininfarina - 2006) to the list.
So yes, there has been quite some fluctuation recently.

But it's worth to consider how many of those guys left or had to leave because of differences with the management...

Maybe not really a trend, after all.

Robin Brown

I'd have to say the only Bangle design I really like is the Z4, which seems to be a controversial view even within the Banglewars.

I'd also have to concede, though, that his design language is becoming the norm, certainly as far as the other German executive models are concerned.


Nice account of Bangle's work and his approach. It was just last week that my co-worker got a new X3, and I had to explain the concave shoulder as something that was unique to BMW.

As far as van Hooydonk's work being boring (I'm indifferent), I wonder how much of that is due to the fact that the shock factor is gone.

As someone who's not a car designer, I never felt that Bangle's work was so far advanced compared to his competition, just that he was able to direct and execute those surfaces so much better than any other brand could.


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