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Drew Smith

It's heartening to see someone else thinking along similar lines regarding the branding suicide Citroen is about to commit.

It is a truly cynical move and, no matter that DS now stands for Distinct Series (new info to me), the comparisons and subsequent disappointment will occur none the less. Citroen's marketers aren't fooling anyone.

I must admit I have taken a harsher line on the beauty aspect in my belief that a new DS should also be heartbreakingly beautiful, but put it down to personal bias. Thanks for providing some balance here!

You might be interested in my take on the matter over at DownsideUpDesign:




Robin Brown

So that's why you were looking for your copy of Mythologies.

I think this comment sums up my thoughts:

'Citroen is best placed to ‘get away with’ experimental, innovative and even wild-looking cars.'

The new DS series looks like an idea from marketing. I just find this all a bit odd - is it a French version of the 80s Japanese 'let's-make-a-more-expensive-version-of-the-cars-we-already-build' approach? A sign that European manufacturers might all start backing away from larger cars? Who knows? I don't.

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