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Bob Uppendown

I agree. Depot-based delivery fleets are the ideal target market for battery powered electric vehicles. They typically operate over a known mileage range, and are able to stay plugged in overnight (and can have a spare battery pack on charge at base when vans are out on the road, in case it makes more sense to swap).

Every local postal delivery service worldwide operates a depot based fleet. In France, La Poste is initially changing 10 thousand vehicles to electric and has invited tenders from suppliers. Japan Post is doing the same with up to 21,000 vehicles. In Britain, the Royal Mail has a fleet of 33 thousand vehicles, and is currently trialling Smith electric vans.


I can't agree more the amount of van on UK roads must be stagering i for one think that city driving is probable the worst sort of driving ever just that amount of stopping and starting and than there's the different mpg conversion which absolutely horrid compared with motor way driving why people in Britain can fall so far behind the rest of the world in implement other alternatives like hydro fuel and even lpg conversions would be temp alternative solutions still you cant teach an old dog new tricks i guess
this is just my observation and i'm driving a van most day's in the week see http://gottavan.co.uk

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