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Robin Brown

Fascinating stuff. Shai Agassi's rise to prominence certainly shows a potential game-changer in the making, and how companies working in 'mobility' – for want of a better word – need to look beyond the mobile device and into the system that surrounds it.

After Renault-Nissan, it'll be interesting to see which manufacturers embrace the possibilities and which rail against it.

Drew Smith

Hi Robin,

Thanks for looking in ;) There's an interesting piece of coverage of the 2009 SAE conference over at Autoblog Green where they look at a presentation given by Philip Gott, director of automotive consulting at IHS Global Insight.


He basically says that the current rate of personal vehicle ownership is completely unsustainable, requiring a (somewhat impossible) 3.5 times decrease in transport C02 just to maintain current output. Scary stuff!

He says, however, that there are already signals that changes in consumer mind-set are occurring and that we should work to cement this changes in attitude.

Anyway, it's worth a read and it ties in nicely with Dan's feedback, along with that of Rob, Amy and myself.

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