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Robin Brown

It is tough to see how the US can modify its behaviour away from the rampant consumption that has been a big part of that society for decades.

That said I think you're right on the small cars. Culture needs to change, and unpopular swingeing gas price hikes seem the only thing likely to make that happen.

So, normal service resumed in a couple of years in America - trucks it is. Totally agree on Renault-Nissan - the rate of their progress is astonishing when measured by that of other manufacturers.

And partnering with Better Place potentially solves a big piece of the EV jigsaw that others haven't really broached.

Mark Charmer

Thanks Robin. I just don't see small cars happening in a big way in the US. Big space, big houses, big driveways. Big dogs, even. The scale of everything is - and always has been different to most other markets. The pressure in the US isn't really towards energy efficiency, at least in the mainstream market. I think it's more about how to reduce oil dependency. Or at least that's what's underneath everything else.

I'm not convinced Fiesta Movement is anything more than a short term promo while we all wait for something else to happen. The exact nature of which remains undefined (even to Ford).

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