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Rob Griggs-Taylor

I live near the Jaguar plants in the midlands and have seen a few versions of the new XJ out testing, most memorably during a drive back from the South in streaming rain. A black XJ approached and my first reaction was 'Quattroporte' (it was black!) and the grille shape was unfamiliar on a car of this size.

It certainly stood out on the A423, but the nicest one I've seen was in a dark purple colour near Whitley.

I hope it sells well. It looks properly British in that way of old Jags that seemed to glide along seemingly unaffected by road surface.

As a sidenote, am I the only person in Britain to actually like the X-type? I had one on loan for a week and enjoyed the experience greatly. It's still the only car that I looked back at when walking away, as I loved the mini-XJ6 look of the bonnet ripples.


I like the way you ve asked the question about THE black pillar... but his answer isn't really convincing, simply because I think he is not convinced himself.
They tried sthg new, fair enough, but they failed to create something nice, and a jag has to be attractive! Once they realised this pillar didnt work, they should have either modify the chrome insert, or forget about the idea. It looks very last minute.
Also, the designer talks about being elegant and refined and dynamic but this grill is very heavy and antidynamic! It might be inspired by the 68 XJ, but on the 68, the upright grill is balanced by a very light side section and very thin back end. The car looks like its floating. But this new XJ has such a heavy attitude, almost looking fat!
The Jag design team created an interesting and modern design language, pure and sharp, expressed beautifully in the RD6, and XF concept.
The production xf has lost a lot already, but this XJ is even further. I dont think that a jag should necessarily be sporty, imposing, revolutionnary and overdesigned, but I think what it should be is iconic, pure, and light...

Like the XF concept after a diet.


nice interview, joe!
as above person wrote, i agree to many extents. the role model really seemes to be the quattroporte somehow, but it doesnt do it fully. it looks way to heavy and (for me) the cat-logo embraces agile, slim and sleek design, which it should be.
this black pillar; they have to be given credit for trying to 'break' volumes with it. but again it shows how hard it is - this though, could have been spent more time to refine. especially it would help to make the 'meet' with the roofline around the C-pillar a bit more integrated, not just simple intersecting lines.
the black graphic doesnt do the job this time, but maybe in a facelift?
grille way to heavy and big doesnt do it.
a bit more gentle(men) use of cromed plastics. be brave; plastics hold qualities as well, doesnt have to be hidden away!

interior...hmmmm. tft..yes! display graphics; im glad they can change it easily ;)
use more screens though, idea is great! execute with a better feel.
jag target group is a generation who does see through 'display-crome-graphics'..even retro-digital would do it better.
Best of all; a very daring move to make the dashboard so low! its a great idea, giving the spaciness you'd given in a small car with same feature. but beeing embraced - no! on the contrary but i see that as a beneficial feature..as said; closer to the road/wheels!
Buttons..very tacky button-sound and i can feel from this side of the laptop how non-luxury they feel when pressing them.
but it might become the cheap alternative to a Maserati. Then question is; why not a Lexus instead?

Like the headlights and daring to make such a big car, in these days!
I hope this jaguar is going to make the brand live on. Theres nothing like a supercharged XJ6. Even when revised and updated so many times, its still cool and a nice f*k all to booring Porsche's..and random japanese luxury brands.

Robin Brown

It's a funny old car alright, but I like it. The XF gets less interesting the further back you get, the XJ just gets weirder.

I found that in the metal its constituent parts don't seem to add up - that unconvincing back pillar, front grille and frankly massive backside, but overall I thought it worked, especially when I spotted it out on the M4 one day.

The Maserati and Citroen comparison are valid, I think, which makes me wonder if this is a deliberate move away from the Euro luxury saloons of this world.

It's almost as if the XJ is in a slightly different segment from anything else. Let's hope that's something that attracts, rather than discourages buyers.

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You got an exclusive two hours with the car and its lead exterior and interior designers, Adam Hatton and Mark Phillips. That's a good chance, did they give some new design ideas about the next generation car?

Jaguar San Francisco

The new Jaguar XJ is a lot of different versus the older models. The older models were a bit more stuffier, conservative, uptight perhaps? But the new XJ is truly modern and contemporary and like you said; this is a very bold move for an established albeit conservative brand. It should also help to target a younger demographic.


Jaguar XJ (didn't check vids)
Surface changes where eye meets the snout.

Ugly, buttmouth face.
Unoriginal eyes, though it and the wheel are the best of this.
Inconsistent form detail below bumper
Reminds me of a chopped, lowered, and reskinned f150

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