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Lucas Fernandes de Lima

I Like this car but, on this times, is very hard to who is living on Brazil, Argentina, Colombia.. Because the price is very expensive and isn´t apropriated to our streets and roads.
So the idea to criate a ecologic car by GM motors is great and is a exemple to others automobilistc companys that have cars inapropriated to world where we live.

OBS: Sory for my inglish, isn´t very good.



Sehr gute Seite. Ich habe es zu den Favoriten.

cole lewis

Great, now it's 2011, instead of 2010 like they said before. Guess between shredding the
EV1's and sucking up to the oil industry, they've forgotten how to build an electricar.
In 2011 it'll be "soon, maybe 2012." Soon as they've got all our gas money, and can't
find new oil. Hope the Japanese kick their butts AGAIN.

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